An individual’s style is the first opportunity we have to learn something about them. Is your wardrobe sending the message you want? Curating one that does and creating a look that’s uniquely yours can be tricky for all sorts of reasons, but the expert stylists at Sûr de Soi can make the process simple and enjoyable. Whether working with your existing wardrobe or starting completely fresh, we’ll ensure that your closet offers the outfits you want — all within your taste, lifestyle and budget.


 A wardrobe edit is our recommended first step in getting started on the path to truly individual style. We’ll meet to review all items in your closet and assess each piece for its relevance, ensure the items are suited to your personality and style, and recommend what should be edited as we go. We’ll create new looks with your existing pieces, photograph each one and establish a digital album for your ongoing reference. We’ll discuss your lifestyle and your aesthetic goals, and identify items that will both extend the life of your current pieces and bring the overall wardrobe forward in a cohesive, effective way.


Whether you have no idea where to start or already possess great style that you want to push to new heights, our team is highly skilled in understanding what makes you unique and creating looks that reflect that. After meeting to assess your current wardrobe or through an in depth call to assess your specific needs, we’ll come up with a targeted plan to reach your goals. Items will be brought directly to you or a private in-store shopping suite set up with looks created specifically for you. No more trolling the floors or dealing with the masses; this luxury service will remove all the barriers to having a closet full of exactly what you want and need.

Styled Exclusively For You

Whether compiled in conjunction with a wardrobe edit and shopping appointment or as part of a stand alone styling session, we’ll take pictures of every look we create for you and create a library for your on-going reference. You’ll be able to scroll through your look book and get inspired so you know what you want to put on before you’ve even gotten out of bed in the morning.

The Possibilities are Endless

Thanks to technology, styling is no longer limited to in-person appointments. Skype, email, and a variety of programs allow us to curate special looks and make recommendations for clients anywhere in the world. For US based clients, we can send items right to your door, hassle free.