Personal Stylist

Sara Pollan DiMedio

Empowering people through their wardrobe has been at the root of every client encounter in my thirteen years as a stylist. As a former buyer and boutique owner, I have strong relationships with designers and retailers the world over and source from them constantly to develop nuanced looks for the people with whom I work. These connections ensure that my team and I always create a personal aesthetic that is completely unique to the individual.

Growing up in Los Angeles, owning a store in San Francisco, styling in New York and constantly traveling for work with clients around the globe keep my perspective fresh. My Master’s degree in Counseling helped me to develop an astute grasp of individual needs and values, and I always ensure that there is a clear vision centered around a client’s taste, lifestyle and personal brand.

My background is deep and varied, having styled for print, television and red carpet, as well as corporations and a countless number of private individuals. I am currently the head of wardrobe for Bloomberg Television worldwide, and my previous commercial clients include Bravo, Cablevision, and Tiffany & Co.


“It has been said that ‘Wearing the right thing, at the right moment, could actually change your life’… Helping to create that experience is the reason I am a stylist.”